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Hi, I’m Alaina. I live in Lower Hutt and I love organising and decluttering!

My passion for tidying and organising began when I was a young child, hoping to win the "tidiest room" award from my parents by reorganising my room each weekend.

Since then I have used my love of organising in my corporate career, working as a Programme Coordinator. Recently I have been spending my free time trying to maintain an organised household whilst caring for a busy toddler - some days easier said than done! My experience in the corporate world and running a small household equips me with the knowledge to understand the best ways to organise a home and make the most of small spaces.

​In Tidy Life Solutions I work with my clients to help them identify what would free them to live their best lives in their homes. I help them achieve this with a straightforward, gentle process of decluttering, tidying and organising.

It's not always easy for people to go through the process, but after the work is complete my clients feel free and liberated. It's beautiful to see the joy of those transformations. I love my work and I find it so satisfying to bring happiness and energy to people's lives. For testimonials and examples of work with past clients, please view my gallery page. 


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