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How to downsize and organise your wardrobe like The Home Edit

If 2020  taught us anything, it’s that the time we spend in our homes needs to feel good. The importance of making that space comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and homely is more crucial than ever. Whether you reside in a small city apartment or a family home in the suburbs, the space in your wardrobe can get filled with junk. Junk that quite easily turns into an utter mess in need of a serious declutter.  The wardrobe is arguably one of the most important areas of the house. It...

April 9, 2021

Take control of your garage - how to declutter and organise your garage

For some, it’s the heart of the home and for others, it’s simply a space to store items that often go unused. Regardless of its purpose, I’m sure we agree, the garage can easily become chaotic and unorganised. What starts as an intentional storage facility, free from clutter, quickly turns into a mess as the years go by. The tools don’t get put back where they “belong” and the excess number of shoes on the ground trip you up every time you go in there. You don’t even have to be a h...

January 28, 2021

Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home – 8 simple tips from a Professional Organiser

Everyone has heard of the ‘baking cookies’ trick. You know what I’m talking about – the scene in so many movies where the realtor bakes a dozen cookies immediately before the house viewing. The sweet smell of sugary dough and melted chocolate chips permeates through an organised house. The theory is, bake cookies and sell a house, and the reason it’s become so popular is that it genuinely works. However, there are plenty more sweet tips and tricks that help a house declutter and get to...

December 14, 2020 Posts 1-3 of 3 | Page

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