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Take control of your garage - how to declutter and organise your garage

Take Control and Get Your Garage Organised

For some, it’s the heart of the home and for others, it’s simply a space to store items that often go unused. Regardless of its purpose, I’m sure we agree, the garage can easily become chaotic and unorganised. What starts as an intentional storage facility, free from clutter, quickly turns into a mess as the years go by. The tools don’t get put back where they “belong” and the excess number of shoes on the ground trip you up every time you go in there. You don’t even have to be a hoarder to be utterly embarrassed by the state of your garage and trust me, you are not alone.

As crazy as it sounds, garages are my forte and nothing excites me more than the prospect of turning a garage into a functional space. There are many tips and tricks for keeping your garage organised, however, nothing quite comes close to simple and effective garage storage. Storage solutions are everywhere but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, and that is why I have created a list of the best ways to take control of your garage and turn it from an episode of Storage Wars, to something even Marie Kondo would be proud of. Big task but I’ve got you. 

Clever Storage Solutions for your Garage

Walls and Ceiling

Don’t forget the walls! All that space can’t just go to waste while big items lay on the ground or in the way. Pegboard is a great product that helps you hang items on the wall. Also, make hooks, chains, rope and pipes your best friend.

Tool storage

Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of garage storage that often gets forgotten. When you need that hammer or screwdriver, it is nowhere to be seen, and in some instances, you buy another – for the original one to show up a few days later. Magic or silly? I think the latter.  Bunnings have some amazing storage solutions that will make finding your tools simple and easy. The RS PRO Drawer Unit has 40 different compartments on a stand-up shelf and the Ultimate Storage Drawer Tool Trolley doubles as a workbench with storage drawer’s underneath. You could label each compartment, so you know where the tools go. Also, don’t forget about the ability to hang bigger tools on the wall. This little trick can save a lot of space. 

General Ideas

Some of the best garage storage solutions to help you stay organised come from Bunnings and Mitre 10. The Jobmate 5 Shelf Unit is reasonably priced, looks good, and will keep things in order.

If you want to mix things up and be a little bit different then try interestingly using products. Carpet on the walls or blackboard paint on the ceiling is a great option. Remember that paint is the perfect way to add a bit of colour to a space and if you are feeling bold, then dedicate one wall to the kids and let them go wild with the paint. Who knows, you could have the next Jackson Pollock in your garage.

Laundry Storage

For many people in New Zealand, we know that the garage also doubles as the laundry and it’s this very reason that can makes things messy. That is unless you have suitable storage solutions in place. Overhead shelving and cubies are a must in this case. It’s the perfect place to leave the washing powder and stain remover. If you can afford it then bifold doors are also a great idea to keep your laundry behind, creating a streamlined look and feel.

Sports Equipment Storage

You may have a few bikes, a kayak, fishing gear, and even a rowing machine, but only a small two-door garage. Where is all this equipment going to fit? The key to staying organised is getting everything off the floor. Not only will this be good for your equipment, but it will also keep things tidy and easy to access. Rack it Up is a company that has storage racks for all different types of sports equipment. Hang the snowboard or surfboard with ease and feel confident it won’t get damaged just laying around. 

Other Tips for Keeping Your Garage Looking Good

Do a Big Clear Out

The key before you start anything is to do a massive clear out. The vision for your garage can only become a reality once you recycle or donate the items you don’t use and haven’t used for years. Remember the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” when you start sifting through everything because some items can get top dollar on websites like TradeMe or Facebook Marketplace. If this whole process seems like too much hassle, then I can handle it all for you. Just tell me what to sell and I do all the backend work for a small fee. Money in your pocket without the work.

Above all else, have fun with it. Garage storage will make you feel so much more organised, and it’s a process that can be extremely rewarding if you relax and make it fun. If you don’t fancy getting your hand dirty, then I can help. My friends and family know me as the cleanest, most organised person and that’s why I started Tidy Life Solutions. A half-day or full day declutter by Tidy Life Solutions is reasonably priced and can save you the hassle. Win-win in the world or storage solutions! To view photos of a garage i've helped declutter, visit my gallery page.

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