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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other organisers?

Professionally, my background in corporate project management has equipped me to effectively implement strategies for success whilst being supportive and compassionate. Personally, through clever storage solutions and organising ideas, we live a minimalist and well organised life and have avoided the cost of up-sizing our home (I live in a 90 square meter home with my family which we absolutely love). My strategies and ideas are toddler and partner proof!

How long will the organising session take?

This is ultimately up to you. It depends on the size of the area we are organising. Sometimes one hour is all you need to kick start the decluttering process and feel motivated to keep going on your own. I will always try to meet with you in person and give you an estimate before we begin. Naturally, some people will need more time than others. Below is a guideline for the average times:

Can I get my family involved in the session?

Yes, absolutely. Some people like to have a support person or have kids at home while organising. I have no problem working with your family. Kids enjoy seeing the decluttering process and having organised areas.

Do I need to be home or can you do the job alone?

A big part of my job is meeting you and finding out your dreams and visions for the space. We then work through the process together to achieve the end goal. However, if you are unable to be present for the session I am happy to work alone with a set of guidelines from you or your family. I will not make any major decisions without consulting you first.

Will you take my rubbish and donated goods away for me?

Yes, my goal is to help you be as sustainable as possible and reuse or recycle as many items as practical. I will remove as many items as I can fit in my car and take them to the charity shop of your choice. I will also remove rubbish, subject to it fitting in my vehicle. Where required, I will arrange for large items to be collected or help you arrange a skip bin.

Will hiring a professional organiser help me get a high sale price for my home?

Yes! I have worked with many clients prior to a sale, helping them to declutter and organise to get top dollar for their home. For more information, read my blog post here:  Get top dollar when selling your home - 8 simple tips from a professional organiser

Do I need to buy storage items?

I will always try to use as many of your existing storage items if they are suitable. My goal is to have you declutter and organise without filling your house with extra baskets, boxes or tubs! If additional storage item purchases are required, I will discuss this with you.

Can you sell items on my behalf for me?

Yes, I can arrange for items to be sold on your behalf on Trademe. I charge a small % of the sale as a fee for this service.

How do I get started?

Contact me via email, telephone, or my website contact page. The first step to schedule a free 30 minute in home consultation. During the consultation I will ask a number of questions about your goals for the space and take measurements for storage items (if required). After our consultation I will provide you with a time and cost estimate and then we can set a date to get started.

What are your terms and conditions?

Before we get started I will discuss my terms and conditions with you. My terms and conditions include but are not limited to:

Cancellation: If the session is cancelled within 48 hours of the booked session and no replacement session is booked, I may charge 50% of the intended fee (depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, I will always try to be flexible).           

If the cancellation is made within 2 hours of the booked session and no replacement session is booked, I may charge 100% of the intended fee (depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, I will always try to be flexible).           

Cleaning: I strive to leave you with a tidy and well organised home. I am very happy to help you with any light wiping, dusting and vacuuming as we work through decluttering and organising your home. However, Tidy Life Solutions is not a professional cleaning service.

Confidentiality: Tidy Life Solutions is a professional service. I will never divulge any personal client information observed in the course of my work.Sometimes I may ask to take “before and after” photographs for use on my website or as examples for other clients. I will only do this with your express permission. The images will always be used anonymously.


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