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Professional Home Organiser. Your Life, Made Simple.

Be organised, Declutter, Pantry organiser

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

~ Hans Hofmann

Tidy Life Solutions is a professional home organising service dedicated to helping you achieve a happy, organised home which is free of stress and clutter.

Perhaps you live in a home that is uncomfortably crammed full of furniture and items you don’t need or use. Every day these extra items are standing in the way of you living your best life. A clear, simplified, organised space lifts the spirits. It frees the mind, encourages creativity, and reduces the time required to tidy and clean. 

Working with a professional home organiser is a huge investment in personal effectiveness.

There are many life stages that require a large revision of home and possessions:

  • You are moving and want to minimise moving costs and have a fresh start in your new home,
  • You are downsizing and want assistance with imagining and settling in to your new home,
  • You need help organising areas of your home ie. Wardrobe organisation, pantry organisation
  • Your family is growing and you need clever storage solutions to give you calm, peaceful spaces to enjoy.

These are the perfect times to take action to enrich your future life.

I can help! With my systems, knowledge and experience, I can make the process easy. Let me coach you through step-by-step, listen carefully to your goals, wants and needs, and help you take the simplest path. I come to your situation as a professional home organiser with fresh eyes, and can see the way through to your perfect life as you describe it to me.

I am passionate about the environment and will help you to re-home, donate, reuse and recycle responsibly.
If you live in the Wellington region please contact me for a free 30 minute in-home consultation. I can help you take the next step on the path to your ideal home.


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